Riverstones Balancing Path set of 6

A new and improved design of the original River Stones, these stones can be stacked for easy storage and are ideal to help improve balance, coordination and for all around fun.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use thanks to the non-slip rubber rim on the base to stop the stones from sliding around. Can you jump from stone to stone without touching the floor!

  • Max load per stone 75kg
  • Suitable for ages 2 years+
  • Set of 6 stones in 6 colours
  • 3 big stones: 360x360x360mm - height 85mm
  • 3 small stones: 250x250x250mm - height 45mm
  • Set includes suggestions for games

Code: 2120

£39.50 exc vat
£47.40 inc vat
Riverstones Balancing Path  set of 6
Riverstones Balancing Path  set of 6
3-5 days 3 year guarantee
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