Recycled Plastic Junior Picnic Table

This is a picnic table in recycled plastic wood that will never rot, warp, crack or splinter

  • It has the look and feel of woodbut all the wonderfuldurable properties of plastic
  • The colour is UV protected against fading in sunlight and can be safely left outside in all seasons the year round
  • The timber-like material is made from recycled polystyrene collected from UK homes and businesses
  • Since the table is made from non-absorbant materials it is hygienic and easy to clean
  • It has a low carbon footprint and at the end of its lifewhich will be very longit can be recycled all over again
  • Size: L1200 x W1000 x H582mm
Code: F11182

£399.28 exc vat
£479.14 inc vat
Recycled Plastic Junior Picnic Table
2-3 weeks 10 year guarantee 1
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