Pyramid Insect Hotel

Designed and built in the UK from sustainably sourced timber for the study of mini beasts in schools, the pyramid insect hotel features multiple types of habitats to attract different insects.

Design features:

  • High powered solar light.
  • Butterfly feeding platform.
  • 3 built in over-wintering chambers for butterflies and other insects.
  • Removable solitary bee drawer.
  • Litter critter area
  • Solitary bee nesting areas
  • Free Key Stage 2 Solitary Bee lesson plan
  • Pack of wildflower seeds.

High Powered Solar Light                                                                                                           

At the top, a high powered solar light attracts night insects which in turn attracts bats.

Butterfly Feeding Platform                                                                                                           

There is a butterfly feeding platform which has been constructed using recycled plastic and also has several feeding pots which can be filled either with sugar water or butterfly food.

Over-Wintering Chambers                                                                                                     

The next chamber has 3 built in over-wintering chambers for butterflies and other insects to have a safe retreat over the winter period as well as being fully removable for easy inspection and maintenance.

Solitary Bee Drawer                                                                                                                       

The removable solitary bee drawer with built in view tubes allows the easy inspection and monitoring of solitary bees.

Litter Critter Area                                                                                                                        

At the base of the pyramid is a litter critter area to attract smaller ground insects including millipedes, woodlice, worms and several other ground insects.

Sides of the Pyramid                                                                                                                      

The sides of the pyramid also feature several solitary bee nesting areas as well as multiple areas for additional insects and bugs to coincide with each other creating the perfect beneficial insect habitat.

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plan                                                                                                      

Included with the pyramid is your free key stage 2 solitary bee lesson plan, making it a perfect addition to any school environment.

Wildflower Seeds                                                                                                                                

The pyramid also comes with a free pack of UK native top 10 wildflower mixes which also includes a solitary bee life cycle guide and identification guide.

Product Dimensions: H1250mm x W870mm  x D200mm


Code: PYR1

£753.36 exc vat
£904.03 inc vat
Pyramid Insect Hotel
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