Probe Single Sided Cloakroom Bench With Hooks

The probe cloakroom bench comes with a range of hook and frame colours to make your cloakrorm colourful, choose from red, blue, yellow, green, smoke white, silver or black.

The slats on the bench are available in either light ask or black polymer. The light ash slats are made out of solid timber which comes from suppliers with positive reforestation policies and is supplied from sustainable forests. The black polymer slats are manufactured with the same high performance anti-bacterial elements that go into all ACTIVECOAT powder coatings. ACTIVECOAT coating is hygienic, hard wearing and anti-bacterial! it is guarenteed to have a 99.9% reduction of bacteria including MRSA and E-Coli for the life of the coating.

All of the frames are constructed from a robust 50mm round, thick wall tubing with welded joints for durability and strength.

  • 7 frame and hook choices and 2 slat choices to choose from
  • Available in three different lengths, all with a different amount of hooks
  • 3 different heights to choose from to match the age group of the people using the bench.
Slat Colour: *

Length: *

Frame Colour: *

Height: *


From £231.01 exc vat
£From £277.21 inc vat
Probe Single Sided Cloakroom Bench With Hooks
Probe Single Sided Cloakroom Bench With Hooks Probe Single Sided Cloakroom Bench With Hooks
2-4 weeks 5 year guarantee 1
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