Pretend Play Toys for Children

Pretend Play toys are a vital resource for young children who are embarking on their first forays into the world of education. At this stage, children are vastly more receptive to learning which incorporates elements of fun, interactivity, and cooperation, which can enhance and encourage the development of vital life skills such as fine motor skills, coordination and creative thinking.

In this section, you will find a great selection of dress-up costumes and role play toys to help the children at your home or educational facility enjoy an exciting play. We stock a range of essential role play resources, including dens and playhouses, role play kitchens and accessories, dollhouses and more – each of them designed to give hours of fun and imaginative play that can also help the children to develop their social skills.

By offering such a quality range of children’s role play possibilities, Cost Cutters UK has become a leading supplier for many educational settings across the country. Whether you’re a school, nursery, community centre or any other educational facility, you can call our team on 03333 443370 to ask any questions you may have. You can also get in touch using our website enquiry form, allowing you to hear more about our latest BULK BUY DEALS!


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Cost Cutters UK offers the benefit of over 25 years of experience and expertise in our industry, allowing us to select only the best play items for our clients. The range of children’s role play toys and play school sets we offer within our pretend play range have been selected for their lasting quality and great value. We also cater to a variety of budgets. Over the years we have identified many of the UK and Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers. We have partnered with these top companies to be able to deliver a superb range of children's role play items. 

Note that since we work with elite brands in this country and beyond, we are able to stay at the top of the ladder for value and quality within our industry. We are known as a leading option due to what we have accomplished, with the superior quality role play toys we have at Cost Cutters UK offered at different price arrangements such as economy, classic and premium. This way, we are able to cater to clients with a range of budgets and design needs.

All of the fantastically interactive pretend play items we stock at our store come in various sizes allowing for usage by children of different ages. This means that kids of all sizes can get role play toys to enjoy from our collection. You are assured a play school set that children in your school will find engaging. Many children are removed from outdoor activities nowadays due to media technologies, but through our pretend play toys, you can attract kids to get involved in physical activities outside. 

One important factor that influences the way kids interact with their toys is the appearance of the toys. Cost Cutters UK stocks children's role play toys in a range of irresistible colours and styles. The colours we use depict the world of children as well as what they will be role playing as. Our range of pretend play items is extensive, giving the best opportunity to assist them as they develop. In no time, you will find the children in your school improve in their motor and cognitive skills.

Learning is also influenced, as these children are able to discover associated talents such as acting and dancing. For bigger children who still involve themselves in pretend play, you have a world of adventure on exciting play mats. With imaginative scenes such as rainforest, dinosaur world, safari park, space station and others, you can create inspirational learning environments for little ones. Here at Cost Cutters UK, we have resources to achieve this in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Purchasing from Cost Cutters UK is one of the smartest decisions you can make as you acquire pretend play items for the children in your school. The suitable price options for quality products are something you cannot find easily. Our excellent customer care service is really useful to all clients, especially the ones experiencing challenges in picking ideal role play options. Cost Cutters UK is the ideal furniture and play supplier for those who have tight timeframes, as we can deliver the products you order even the following day. Get in touch with us today to discuss our product range in more detail.