Polydron Frameworks Archimedean Solids Standard Set

Allows you to create all 13 Archimedean solids at once

This set helps demonstrate to students the Archimedean solids which have ben known to mathematicians for over 2000 years. With the ability to make all 13 of the solids at the same time you can use the set to teach students of the fascinating properties that they all hold. Using the supplied teachers notes and the work cards there are many activities you can do as part of a group or individually to help explore, visualise and appreciate solid geometry.

  • Set contains:
  • 80 equilateral triangles
  • 30 squares
  • 12 pentagons
  • 20 hexagons
  • 6 octagons
  • 12 decagons
  • Teachers notes and works cards
  • Supplied in a Gratnells tray
  • Weight: 1.8kg
Code: 10-5000FS

£89.99 exc vat
£107.99 inc vat
Polydron Frameworks Archimedean Solids Standard Set
7-10 days 5 year guarantee
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