Polydron Frameworks archimedean solids class set

An easy way to teach and learn about Archimedean solids

Archimedean solids are a 2000 year old subject that this Polydron Frameworks kit makes easy to learn about. With the ability to create all 13 of the Archimedean solids at once with the accompanying work cards, book and tutorial video you will soon discover the fascinating properties of these solids. Set contains 452 pieces.

  • 200 equilateral triangle framework pieces
  • 108 square framework pieces
  • 48 pentagon framework pieces
  • 60 hexagon framework pieces
  • 12 octagon framework pieces
  • 24 decagon framework pieces
  • workcards
  • 1 book
  • 1 Gratnells tray
Code: 10-5000FL

£185.10 exc vat
£222.12 inc vat
Polydron Frameworks archimedean solids class set
7-10 days 5 year guarantee
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