Polydron, Frameworks and Sphera mix set 2

A great mixed set that contains everything to get the class involved

The Polydron mixed set contains everything needed to get the whole class involved in geometry based construction. With a selection of standard Polydron, Frameworks and Sphera pieces which are all interchangeable to open up a huge world of creative possibilities. Through group work and play children will learn about shape, space and geometry while having fun and building social skills. Set contains over 260 pieces.

  • 42 square pieces
  • 100 equilateral triangle pieces
  • 2 right angle triangle pieces
  • 30 hexagon framework pieces
  • 40 pentagon framework pieces
  • 12 sphere pieces
  • 22 quadrant pieces
  • 6 cone pieces
  • 6 cylinder pieces
  • 1 exploring book
  • 1 Gratnells tray
Code: PFS-1002

£131.29 exc vat
£157.55 inc vat
Polydron, Frameworks and Sphera mix set 2
7-10 days 5 year guarantee
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