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Our outdoor gym equipment for schools can be used in primary schools or even childrens public play areas in parks and community spaces.  The equipment has all the benefits of the adult equipment but is sized perfectly for young children.  Exercising is essential for children at any age but ideally at a young age when exercising can be taught as play.  Children who have made use of outdoor fitness equipment at a young age are more likely to carry on after they have finished school and be encouraged into a lifetime of fitness!

Children who participate in exercise before and in between lessons are said to increase their academic learning by 20% over those children who do not participate.  

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Childrens Leg Stretch
The child's leg stretcher is not as tall as the adult version and allows for shorter legs to reach.&..
Inc vat: £508.19
Childrens Double Strength Challenger
The child's strength challenger is a great way to keep fit and challenge friends to a test of streng..
Inc vat: £541.79
Childrens Horse Rider
Children will love having lots of fun pretenting to ride a horse in the playground. This piece of eq..
Inc vat: £629.39
Childrens Tai Chi Discs
This piece of equipment is designed to sharpen and improve mental agility as well as exercising uppe..
Inc vat: £647.39
Childrens Balance Beams
Children of all ages will have great fun on these balance beams. This will help bulid and develop th..
Inc vat: £657.60
Childrens Arm and Pedal Bicycle
This combines both arm and leg workout into one very effective cardio vascular exercise machine. Wor..
Inc vat: £825.60
Childrens Double Sit Up Bench
This piece of equipment can be used by two children at the same time. This is great for developing a..
Inc vat: £857.39
Childrens Double Slalom Skier
  This piece of equipment is used to simulate the the side to side motion as a slamom skier...
Inc vat: £880.79
Childrens Waist Twister
Fun for upto 3 children!  The waist twister is great for promoting greater balance and flexibil..
Inc vat: £934.19
Childrens Outdoor Gym Equipment - Rower
The rowing machine is a well known piece of equipment which a lot of us are familiar with. It is use..
Inc vat: £989.39
Childrens Sky Stepper
Similar to a cross trainer, this piece of equipment works well to provide an excellent cardio vascul..
Inc vat: £1,049.39
Childrens Double Health Walker
A favourite with children as children can have fun coordinating their step and movements without rea..
Inc vat: £1,138.79