Outdoor Mats and Cushions

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Set of 8 Permafresh outdoor mats
Ideal for indoor or outdoor useA set of 8 seating mats made in the UK from Fresca anti-microbial mat..
Inc vat: £29.59
Outdoor lily pad counting mats
8 lily pads for outdoor play. A set of 8 lily pad shapes made from plastic coated polyester. Use ..
Inc vat: £66.77
Synthetic grass rugs
Ideal for creating an outdoor area insideOur indoor/outdoor grass matting provides a textured area w..
Inc vat: £75.54
BazZoo Essentials Floor Mat
Our new BazZoo Essentials floor mat features an anti-slip backing and are comfortable for floor..
Inc vat: £94.74
Children of the World Outdoor PlayMat
Children of the world outdoor play mat. A bright and clear outdoor mat that features the world, d..
Inc vat: £99.54
Hopscotch Outdoor Play Mat
Outdoor Hopscotch Play Mat perfect for outdoor play Brightly coloured outdoor play mat, suitable ..
Inc vat: £113.94
Mini beats outdoor mat
Mini beasts on large scale play mats.A large scale 2m x 1.5m play mat featuring the 10 common Britis..
Inc vat: £117.17
Rainbow 1-24 Outdoor Mat Squares
These brightly coloured 1-24 number mini mats are great for basic group numeracy skills. The mats fe..
Inc vat: £141.54
BazZoo Bark Floor Mat
Our new BazZoo Bark floor mat features an anti-slip bakcking and is comfortable for floor activ..
Inc vat: £142.74
BazZoo Daisy Grass Floor Mat
Our new BazZoo Daisy Grass floor mat features an anti-slip bakcking and is comfortable for floor act..
Inc vat: £143.51
Back to Nature Life Cycle Outdoor Play Mat
A brightly coloured outdoor carpet with clear graphics showing four examples of typical life cycles ..
Inc vat: £152.34
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Back To Nature Outdoor Ladybird Mat
This highly colourful outdoor ladybird shaped mat is great for brightening up any playground or gras..
Inc vat: £152.34
Small Outdoor Mat Bug Design - Set of 4
The Small Outdoor Mat Bug Design, a set of 4 unique mats each with a different design and bug. Choos..
Inc vat: £154.79
Back To Nature Mini Beasts Outdoor Play Mat
A fun and interesting outdoor carpet to help children learn about insects found in our environm..
Inc vat: £167.94
Back To Nature Outdoor Garden Mat
Children will have hours of fun on this Back to Nature Garden outdoor mat! Putting this mat down wil..
Inc vat: £208.74
Bretton outdoor mats and trolley, 30 mats
Includes 30 Permafresh mats and mobile trolleyA Quality wooden trolley containing 30 Indoor / Outdoo..
Inc vat: £221.50