Personal Effects Lockers

Experience unmatched safety and organisation with PPE lockers from CostCuttersUK. Our premium range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) lockers is designed to meet the highest standards of durability and security, providing a reliable solution for storing and accessing essential safety gear. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations tailored to your specific needs. With CostCuttersUK, invest in quality PPE lockers to ensure a secure and organised environment for your workplace or facility. Browse our selection today and prioritise the safety of your team.

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  1. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  2. Full Height Premium Laminate Door Lockers

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  3. Perforated Door Lockers

    As low as £173.09 £144.24
  4. Secure Lockers

    As low as £160.97 £134.14
  5. Personal Effects Lockers

    As low as £419.65 £349.71
  6. Cube Lockers

    As low as £86.26 £71.88
  7. Flat Garment Lockers

    As low as £376.90 £314.08
  8. Flat Garment Lockers Large

    As low as £376.90 £314.08
  9. Flat Garment Disposal Lockers

    As low as £346.15 £288.46
  10. Z Door Lockers Steel Doors

    As low as £460.99 £384.16
  11. Z Door Lockers Laminate Doors

    As low as £651.86 £543.22
  12. Laptop & Tablet Storage Lockers

    As low as £431.88 £359.90
  13. Perforated Charging Lockers With Standard Plug

    Special Price £600.60 £500.50 Regular Price £980.60 £817.17
  14. QMP Metal PPE Workplace Lockers

    As low as £158.52 £132.10
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14 Items

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