Mesh Office Chairs

 black and white mesh office chairs with silver base

Mesh office chairs are a popular type of ergonomic office chair that have gained widespread use in workplaces. These chairs are known for their unique design, which features a backrest and sometimes even a seat made from a mesh fabric. Here are some key aspects and benefits of mesh office chairs:

Breathable Comfort: Mesh chairs are designed to provide excellent ventillation. The mesh fabric allows air to flow through, which helps you keep you cool and comfortable during long hours of sitting. This feature is especially benificialin warm or humid environments.

Ergonomic Support:  Most mesh chairs are designed with ergonomic principles in mind. They  often have contoured back rests that provide lumber support, promoting proper posture and reducing the risk of back pain and discomfort.

Adjustability: Mesh chairs typically come with a range of adjustable features, including seat height, tilt tension, and sometimes even adjustable arm rests. This allows users to customise the chair to their specific body size and preferences.

Durability: High quality mesh is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand regular use and remain in good condition for many years.

Weight Capacity: Mesh chairs are available in different weight capacities to accommodate users of various sizes.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining mesh chairs is relatively straight forward. The breathable material is resistant to spills and stains, and dust can be easily wiped off.

Versatility: Mesh chairs are versatile and suitable for a wide range of office settings, from traditional workspaces to creative and collaborative environments.

Here are 5 mesh chairs that we think you will like

In summary, mesh office chairs offer a balance of comfort, support, and aesthetics. They are well suited for professionals who spend extended periods sitting at a desk and value breathable materials and ergonomic design. When choosing a mesh chair, it's essential to consider factors such as adjustability, weight capacity, and overall build quality to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences.

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  1. Luna Ergonomic Swivel Office Operator Chair With Mesh Back

    Special Price £104.41 £87.01 Regular Price £138.00 £115.00
  2. Altino 2 Lever High Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Operator Chair

    Special Price £80.00 £66.67 Regular Price £92.30 £76.92
  3. Marlos Mesh Back Office Chair With Folding Arms

    Special Price £109.01 £90.84 Regular Price £129.14 £107.62
  4. Mercury 2 Executive Mesh Office Chair

    Special Price £138.46 £115.38 Regular Price £150.00 £125.00
  5. Flex Ergonomic Office Task Operator Chair - Height Adjustable Arms

    As low as £312.00 £260.00
  6. Nexus Medium Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Operator Chair With Height Adjustable Arms

    As low as £171.24 £142.70
  7. Nexus Medium Back Mesh Cantilever Office Chair

    As low as £116.88 £97.40
  8. Senza High Mesh Back Operator Office Chair- Vinyl

    As low as £186.48 £155.40
  9. Lattice Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Operator Chair

    As low as £116.88 £97.40
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