Mini Lockers

These lockers are extremely versatile as they can be used almost anywhere! These durable small lockers can be nested in practically any configuration, letting you offer your customers a flexible storage solution tailored around their needs. For example, they can be used above bridging units in changing rooms or can be stacked on top of one another.Quarto lockers can also be placed on top of one another, can fill space above other lockers or can be bolted together to fit your requirements.All of our cube and quarto locker ranges come with  antimicrobial protection, which eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria on contact surfaces. This makes our small locker products ideal for use in hygiene sensitive environments such as the healthcare, education and food production industries.Free design and planning service available contact 0845 2020850

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Moresecure Sixto Lockers
Conveniently sized locker which are perfect for staff rooms or offices to keep valuables safe. ..
Inc vat: £39.05
Moresecure Quarto Lockers
Moresecure quarto lockers are British made, high quality and are manufactured in a convenient size.&..
Inc vat: £41.94
Moresecure Cube Locker
The perfect storage solution for storing personal belongings.  Conforms to BS 4680: 1996 ..
Inc vat: £42.06
Probe Cube Metal Lockers
These probe cube lockers are handy to use as multi-purpose storage units. All probe lockers com..
Inc vat: £43.98
Probe Quarto Lockers
Probe quarto lockers have been designed for use individually, and especially for infant and junior s..
Inc vat: £47.96
Probe Ultrabox Mini Locker
These ultrabox mini lockers are perfect for sealing out the weather! They come complete with a water..
Inc vat: £99.95