Metal Framed Classroom Storage

Metal framed storage is strong and durable making it ideal for use in school classroom and also nursery environments.  Our range of storage trolleys are supplied with either mesh or plastic trays and are mobile meaning they can esily be moved between classrooms. These trolleys can be used to store a variety of school resources such as Tuf Spot trays, PE equipment, musical instruments and more! Don't forget we also offer discounts on larger orders - call us on 03333 443370 for our LATEST DEALS.

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Tuff Spot Transport Trolley
A solid metal trolley designed to hold and transport up to 10 Tuff Spot trays.  Free UK m..
Inc vat: £132.24
Mobile PE Storage Trolley
A versatile storage unit suitable for a variety of sport accessories. Featuring six small and ..
Inc vat: £179.94
Classroom Storage Cart with 9 Divided Tubs
These multi-purpose storage carts are great for most classroom, library and nursery materials s..
Inc vat: £185.99
Sand & Water  Equipment Trolley
Perfect for storing all your Sand & Water equipment & bits and pieces! Designed to store ..
Inc vat: £203.94
Metal Art Equipment Trolley
Perfect for storing all your art equipment, musical instruments or bits and pieces! Capable of ho..
Inc vat: £233.94
Equipment Storage Trolley D
This storage container comes complete with three separate layered wire baskets.Can be used for in a ..
Inc vat: £262.07
Equipment Storage Trolley B
This two layered storage tray comes complete with extra deep wire baskets with central dividers. ..
Inc vat: £270.89
Equipment Storage Trolley C
This equipment trolley has three useful layers complete with v-shaped baskets on the top level. T..
Inc vat: £308.69
Tuf™ Art Trolley with Drying Racks
This art trolley comes with multiple storage options including gratnells trays, wipe clean meta..
Inc vat: £311.94
Tuf™ Double Lunchbox Trolley
Tuf Trolleys are strong, robust, steel frame trolleys designed for longevity and to manage the daily..
Inc vat: £320.34
Tuff Spot Resource Trolley
A solid metal trolley with four large wheels designed to hold and transport up to 10 tuff spot trays..
Inc vat: £327.54
Mobile Library Book Trolley
The library on wheels has a sturdy frame which is ideal for transporting heavy books around the scho..
Inc vat: £402.00
Craft, Design and Technology Trolley
This craft, design and technology trolley comes complete with 2 louvred end panels, 12 tool hooks, 1..
Inc vat: £440.88