Metal Detector

Four brightly coloured rechargeable metal detectors designed for Early Years use

Investigate and explore with our set of 4 rechargeable metal detectors. Children can take outdoors and find what lies beneath the sand or become a pirate searching for hidden treasure. These innovative detectors are simple to use; sweep them over objects and areas and hear the beep as they detect metal.

  • Great for outdoor exploration and learning about different materials
  • No need to worry about batteries - This superb set of four rechargeable metal detectorsin four colourscomes complete with a docking station and wall charger
  • A perfect resource for self selection and continuous provision
  • Battery life is up to 8 hours with standard use and they'll be fully charged again in just 3 hours
  • There is even an LED to indicate charge status
  • Detection range is approx. 40mm for 25mm dia coin
  • Suitable for age 3 years+

Costcutters Tip- Play Follow me! Encourage children to develop their concentration and fine motor skills by following a secret path with their Easi-Detector. Join a number of paperclips together and lay out the chain in a pattern on a large flat surface, make it nice and easy to start with! Cover the clips with a sheet and ask children to start and follow the noise all the way to the end. Can they make more complicated journeys for their friend?

Code: EY04176

£104.95 exc vat
£125.94 inc vat
Metal Detector
Metal Detector Metal Detector
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