Master Class Synthetic Phonics Brick Set

A classroom resource to support the systematic teaching of phases 2 -6 of the National Phonics Strategy.Approved by the DFE

Easily used to support the teaching of grapheme/phoneme(letter/sound) correspondences

When joined together to create words children can practicethe skills of blending phonemes (sounds) in order , all through the word,to read it.

The phonics bricks teach blending ans segmenting as reversible process;create words by placing the bricks(phonemes on the base board and can then take the bricks (phonemes ) off the base board to see and say the individual sounds

Contents : 304 bricks,12 assorted base boards,A4 work sheets as well as a large plastic storage lid for easy storage

Code: C3600

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£203.99 inc vat
Master Class Synthetic Phonics Brick Set
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