Library Carpets and Rugs

Essentials to keep your reading area neat and tidy by placing a mat on the floor children and adults can clean their shoes before entering. Mirrors are a fantastic way to keep an eye on what is going on and helping to keep the space safe and secure.

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Tough Rib Safety Mat
Heavy duty ribbed carpet surface provides channels to capture dirt and debris Heavy duty ribbed c..
Inc vat: £30.98
Fingertip Safety Mat
3 sizes to choose from ..
Inc vat: £36.14
Coba Wash Safety Mat
Traps moisture, grit and grease, 4 sizes and colours to choose from! Washable in a domestic washi..
Inc vat: £58.10
Rainbow Alphabet Classroom Carpet
This large colourful mat is designed specifically with key stage 1 literacy curriculum relevance in ..
Inc vat: £71.39
Circular Interior Convex Mirror
Inc vat: £71.02
Cobascrape Safety Mat
4 sizes for you to choose from ..
Inc vat: £81.35
Multi-Cultural Welcome Classroom Rug
This highly visual carpet has a children around the world theme which shows children from different ..
Inc vat: £82.67
Town & Country Road Carpets set of 4
Town & Country Road Carpets set of 4 road map carpets to cover the town, a village, country farm..
Inc vat: £87.59
Decorative Colour Tubes Classroom Carpet
Vibrantly coloured large circular classroom carpet designed to create an exciting area for grou..
Inc vat: £91.07
BazZoo Essentials Childrens Floor Mat
Our new BazZoo Essentials floor mat features an anti-slip backing and are comfortable for floor..
Inc vat: £97.10
Back to Nature Mini Beasts Carpet
A fun and interesting mat to help children learn about insects found in our environment. Bright colo..
Inc vat: £102.59
Entramat Safety Entrance Mat
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use in busy pedestrian areas such as office and school reception areas...
Inc vat: £111.01
Back To Nature Giant Alphabet Caterpillar Shaped Carpet
This highly colourful caterpiller shaped carpet is great for any reading area or even for just a bri..
£183.47 £119.99
Under the Sea Corner Placement Carpet
This medium sized corner carpet comes with enough seating area for 8 children and one teacher. Each ..
£184.19 £119.99
Town & Country Zoo Animals Corner Placement Carpet
This placement seating carpet comes with enough seating areas for up to 8 children plus a teacher. E..
Inc vat: £125.95
Rectangular interior convex mirror
600x400mm Rectangular interior convex mirrorThis rectangular interior convex mirror is ideal for use..
Inc vat: £134.30