Large Musical Instrument set

Includes 35 instruments to get the whole class involved in music

Classroom Instrument Set contains 35 pieces: rainstick 15cm, pan pipe, thunder drum, cricket, djembe 15cm, maraca, egg shaker, clack clack, double huiro, thumb piano, claves 23cm, seed pod shaker, tong drum, flat guiro rasp, lima bola, ceng ceng, carnival horn, double ended wooden drum, cas-cas, coco shaker, beared maraca, djembe 40cm, djembe 60cm, cow bell small, animal clacker, tambourine drum, bamboo digeridoo, rainstick 30cm, coco maraca, frog guiro, double ended bamboo drum, claves 18cm, monkey drum & basket rattle


£317.70 exc vat
£381.24 inc vat
Large Musical  Instrument set
2-3 weeks 1 year guarantee
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