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Childrens Arm and Pedal Bicycle
This combines both arm and leg workout into one very effective cardio vascular exercise machine. Wor..
Ex Tax: £707.25
Childrens Balance Beams
Children of all ages will have great fun on these balance beams. This will help bulid and develop th..
Ex Tax: £563.75
Childrens Double Health Walker
A favourite with children as children can have fun coordinating their step and movements without rea..
Ex Tax: £973.75
Childrens Double Sit Up Bench
This piece of equipment can be used by two children at the same time. This is great for developing a..
Ex Tax: £732.88
Childrens Double Slalom Skier
  This piece of equipment is used to simulate the the side to side motion as a slamom skier...
Ex Tax: £753.38
Childrens Double Strength Challenger
The child's strength challenger is a great way to keep fit and challenge friends to a test of streng..
Ex Tax: £463.30
Childrens Horse Rider
Children will love having lots of fun pretenting to ride a horse in the playground. This piece of eq..
Ex Tax: £539.15
Childrens Leg Stretch
The child's leg stretcher is not as tall as the adult version and allows for shorter legs to reach.&..
Ex Tax: £435.63
Childrens Outdoor Gym Equipment - Rower
The rowing machine is a well known piece of equipment which a lot of us are familiar with. It is use..
Ex Tax: £845.63
Childrens Sky Stepper
Similar to a cross trainer, this piece of equipment works well to provide an excellent cardio vascul..
Ex Tax: £896.88
Childrens Tai Chi Discs
This piece of equipment is designed to sharpen and improve mental agility as well as exercising uppe..
Ex Tax: £553.50
Childrens Waist Twister
Fun for upto 3 children!  The waist twister is great for promoting greater balance and flexibil..
Ex Tax: £798.48
Outdoor Gym - Double Squat Push
 This machine is utilises the users own body weight to offer resistance to the exercise specifi..
Ex Tax: £812.83
Outdoor Gym Equipment - Arm & Pedal Bicycle
This machine combines both arm and leg movement into one great cardio vascular exercise as well..
Ex Tax: £688.80
Outdoor Gym Equipment - Balance Beams
This will help bulid and develop their balance and coordination, but also great for other exercises ..
Ex Tax: £563.75
Outdoor Gym Equipment - Bicycle
An exercise bicycle is one the most commone pieces of equipment used in any gym. It is used as a car..
Ex Tax: £699.05