Gopak Ultralight Guardrail

All of the guardrails are finished in a durable grey powder coating which makes them ideal for long term use.

All of the guardrails are secured to the stage usng purpose built brackets, you will need two straight brackets (not included need to be brought seperately, product code UL/A034) or one straight bracket and a corner bracket (need to be brought seperately, straight UL/A034, corner UL/A035)

This 2 Step Guardrail is designed to span steps with a height of 200mm and 400mm and are ideal for Stages with a height of 600mm. Two Straight Brackets are required to secure the 2 Step Guardrail to the Decks. Finished in black powder coating. Can be combined with another 2 Step Guardrail to provide Guardrail on higher steps.

  • 2-4 weeks delivery
Rail: *

Code: UL/A030

From £50.57 exc vat
£From £60.68 inc vat
Gopak Ultralight Guardrail
Gopak Ultralight Guardrail
2-4 weeks 5 year guarantee 1
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