GetSetGo mini ball pack

A great range of mini balls for a variety of activities.

  • 4 x Gamester ball 64mm
  • 8 x Foam sponge ball 7cm
  • 4 x Coated foam 90mm ball
  • 4 x Freeballs 70mm
  • 4 x Engraving balls 95mm
  • 4 x Neon sponge ball face design
  • 4 x Neon sponge ball sport design
  • 4 x Sensory touch ball
  • 4 x Porcupine ball 80mm
  • 4 x Porcupine balls 100mm
  • 4 x Reaction ball 70mm red
  • 1 x Tie cord bag
Code: EY31202001K

£53.76 exc vat
£64.51 inc vat
GetSetGo mini ball pack
in stock 1 year guarantee
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