General Security

From Security Cameras, mirrors to Metal detectors we have a range of items assist you is optimising the childrens' safety in your school or nursery if you dont see the items you require please call our office on 0845 2020850

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Internal Decoy CCTV Camera
Pan & tilt wall bracket Looks just like an actual CCTV camera. Same housing as used for activ..
Inc vat: £32.28
300mm Quarter Face Hemispherical Interior Mirror
Prevents accidents & injuries, can also deter theft, 2 sizes! Prevents accidents & injuri..
Inc vat: £43.90
External Decoy CCTV Camera
Fully weatherproof Looks just like an actual CCTV camera. Same housing as used for active cameras..
Inc vat: £46.84
300mm Interior Security Mirror
Ideal for combating the theft of property & valuables, 4 sizes! Eliminate blind spots & h..
Inc vat: £60.68
600mm Half Face Hemispherical Interior Security Mirror
Half face hemispherical mirror,this interior mirror is ideal for schools, colleges and hospitals, pr..
Inc vat: £77.47
Personal Metal Detector
Use to detect the presence of metal objects. Detects:Pocket knife at 150mm, Steel key ring at 125mm,..
Inc vat: £90.40
450mm Exterior Convex Security Mirror
Helps prevents accidents, injuries & can deter theft Helps prevents accidents, injuries &..
Inc vat: £127.85
Anti Vandal Stainless Steel Mirror
Available in 3 sizes Designed for areas where damage may occur. Bracket allows adjustment to a..
Inc vat: £256.99