School Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies

In a busy school environment, caretaker or janitor duties are hugely important and require hard work to keep on top. By using our facilities products you can take some of the strain out of strenuous tasks.  Our ranges include school & classroom storage, step ladders, security products like safes and key cabinets and trucks & trolleys. We have a friendly team that are always willing to help and advise you, just call 03333 443370.

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Facilities Management Education Supplies

School management supplies are vitally important to not only managing a facility but the quality of education that is delivered in a particular facility. Including safety, storage, furniture transport and ease of access, facility management is a key area that will affect your school life every day.

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A lot of items in this category will help speed up tasks around your school and simplify tasks that may have caused a headache before. With a selection of trolleys and trucks available you can take all of the strain out of moving chairs, tables or supplies from one classroom to another. Or maybe you need an item from our range of kick-steps and ladders that will help with those hard to reach jobs, while keeping you safe.

There is also a great need for school storage and classroom storage that teachers and students can use for educational purposes. Teachers and students alike can use storage space to keep extra books, store projects, store games and special items for classroom activities, and the school at-large can use storage space to help keep vital items on-hand for every teacher who needs them. This allows for the school to be perpetually prepared for anything that a teacher might need.