Outdoor Exploration Tables

The Exploration Tables from Cost Cutters UK are a beautiful set of four gardening tables, complete with connecting feet and removable sand & water trays. They are great for encouraging little minds to play and investigate. The set comprises of three exploration tables and one sink bowl unit. The feet allow you to change the configuration of the units while still holding them together. 

You will get many years of use from this set, and cut down on replacement, maintenance and repair of similar wood versions.

The wood-like frame is very realistic and traditional looking, but is made from synthetic wood with the same density and weight as real wood, but has all the wonderful, durable, properties of recycled plastic, so you get the best of both.

  • Each unit measures: H640 x W640 x D680mm
  • Made from 100% British recycled plastic
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Made in Britain
Code: EXPLOR004

£505.79 exc vat
£606.95 inc vat
Outdoor Exploration Tables
Outdoor Exploration Tables Outdoor Exploration Tables
2-3 weeks 10 year guarantee 1
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