Primary School Library Stools

Transforming primary School Libraries with CostCuttersUK Stools: Elevate the Learning Environment

Explore our curated collection of high-quality library stools at CostCuttersUK, designed to enhance the educational experience in high school libraries. Our range includes ergonomic and durable seating solutions crafted to promote comfortable and focused study sessions. From vibrant designs to classic styles, our library stools cater to various preferences, ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere. Invest in CostCuttersUK for products that prioritise durability, functionality, and affordability, creating an inspiring space for primary school students to engage with knowledge.

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  1. Maplescape Padded Bench - 150cm

    As low as £472.50 £393.75
  2. Maplescape Padded Bench - 90cm

    As low as £429.30 £357.75
  3. Children's Smile Modular Vinyl Upholstered Round Stool

    As low as £159.46 £132.88
  4. Children's Single Square Cube Seat

    As low as £223.96 £186.63
  5. Breakout Seating - Quilted Rectangle Seat

    As low as £353.81 £294.84
  6. Breakout Small Ellipse Seat

    As low as £251.80 £209.83
  7. Large Breakout Area Ellipse Shaped Stool

    As low as £431.72 £359.77
  8. Large Square Breakout Area Stool

    As low as £613.52 £511.27
  9. Postura Plus School Lab Stool

    As low as £66.00 £55.00
  10. Ricochet None Slip Polypropylene Classroom Wobble Stool

    As low as £59.93 £49.94
  11. Metalliform NP School Lab Stool

  12. Quilted School Library Snuggle Seat

    As low as £652.48 £543.73
  13. Bob and Weave Fabric Early Years Seating

    As low as £131.36 £109.47
  14. Hille Polypropylene Classroom Stool

    As low as £33.72 £28.10
  15. Origin Base Stacking Stool

    As low as £36.92 £30.77
  16. Spry Stool Black Frame Bespoke Colour Seat

    As low as £210.54 £175.45
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25 Items

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