Elevate educational spaces with premium lockers from CostCuttersUK. Our wide range of education lockers is designed for durability, security, and functionality, offering solutions tailored to school and university needs. Explore our selection, including versatile locker options for students and staff. Choose CostCuttersUK for quality, reliability, and a comprehensive lineup of education lockers, ensuring a secure and organised learning environment.

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  1. HERO 1-6 Door Metal Locker with Sloping Top and Cam Lock

    As low as £90.37 £75.31
  2. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  3. Full Height Timber Effect Locker 1-4 Door

    As low as £239.96 £199.97
  4. Full Height Timber Door Lockers with Soft Close Hinges

    As low as £383.35 £319.46
  5. Express Delivery Steel Work Lockers - Germ Guard Paint

    As low as £150.42 £125.35
  6. Secure Lockers

    As low as £160.97 £134.14
  7. Cube Lockers

    As low as £86.26 £71.88
  8. Full Height Premium Laminate Door Lockers

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  9. Heavy Duty Storage Cupboard with Perspex Vision Door

    As low as £395.32 £329.43
  10. Perforated Door Cupboards

    As low as £501.17 £417.64
  11. Timber Door Locker End Panels

    As low as £239.39 £199.49
  12. Z Door Lockers Steel Doors

    As low as £460.99 £384.16
  13. Z Door Lockers Laminate Doors

    As low as £651.86 £543.22
  14. Laptop & Tablet Storage Lockers

    As low as £431.88 £359.90
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19 Items

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