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Here at Cost Cutters UK we offer the latest in computer storage technology with the innovative LapCabby range. LapCabby specialise in portable storage trolleys for laptops, tablets, e-readers, Chromebooks and netbooks. They're the ideal smart solution for keeping tech charged and synced in one secure place. With the increasing use of technology in educational environments, LapCabby could be the future for our schools.

LapCabby storage units were developed with the needs of both pupils and teachers in mind. Each model includes some really ingenious features that enable efficient charging and storing whilst keeping cables safe and tidy. They offer a secure and effective aid to young people who are utilising a laptop or tablet as a key part of their education experience.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Cost Cutters UK offer a number of great products to our clients, coupled with expert customer service. Whether you’re looking to make an individual LapCabby purchase or order in bulk, we can offer helpful advice and bulk buy discounts if you get in touch by email or by phone on 03333 443370. We’re able to offer competitive pricing structures for our portable laptop storage units, available in economy, classic and premium options.

All of the LapCabby trollies we have on offer have been fitted with the most innovative technology and accessories to provide users with a range of functional benefits. This makes them ideal for use in all manner of educational environments. You’ll be able to eliminate the challenges that come from poor storage of devices such as laptops, e-readers, tablets, Notebooks and Chromebooks. There’s nothing worse than beginning work, only to find that your devices are out of battery.

With the need for devices in learning increasing every day, our range of LapCabby storage units have become an important asset for the schools and colleges who use them. These units offer a reliable option for storing, charging and moving all of the devices used by your learners. With a range of safety features, LapCabby offers the safest possible transportation for your tech.

Our selection of LapCabby storage and charging trolleys has been chosen for the versatility and reliability that they offer to educational facilities. We’ve enabled many schools and colleges to greatly improve the quality of their lessons by making learning more exciting for their pupils. Our sturdy storage trollies can be used to store tablets as well as laptops for your young learners. You’ll be able to freely transport the devices around your facility without the worry of them getting damaged.

The inventive design of the LapCabby trolleys that we provide means that they can be used in science laboratories, as well as ICT computer workstations, regardless of their size. They’ll make fantastic components to your ICT learning sector as they’re available in designs that fit into a wide variety of spaces. The compact design of the trollies will give you a lot more space for teacher-pupil interaction in the classroom. As well as offering a high level of practicality, the various designs of the LapCabby storage and charging trolleys are very appealing to the eye. You can take your pick from a range of vibrant colours to complements the décor scheme of the classrooms at your facility.

The racks within each unit are manufactured using a steel frame with MFC cladding, which provides a high level of sturdiness and durability. As well as manufacturing and stocking our own school furniture brands, Cost Cutters UK also provide quality items from some of the UK and Europe’s most sought-after manufacturers to supplement our collection. We’re proud to offer an excellent selection of LapCabby storage and charging trolleys, which are used by educational facilities around the country.

Cost Cutters UK are dedicated to providing clients with high-quality LapCabby units among other products, all at great value for money. The items that we offer are supported by a dependable customer service team. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you on any of high-quality products. Our experts can also offer help and guidance as you choose the most suitable LapCabby storage units for your allocated budget.

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