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outdoor seating

Transform outdoor learning spaces with CostCuttersUK's Education Outdoor Seating. Elevate educational environments with a range of thoughtfully designed seating solutions, crafted for durability, comfort, and versatility. Explore our selection, including benches, picnic tables, and innovative seating options, all tailored to enhance the learning experience. Choose CostCuttersUK for quality outdoor seating that fosters a conducive and inspiring atmosphere for educational activities. Invest in furniture that withstands the elements while promoting collaborative and engaging outdoor learning.

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  1. Outdoor Adult Recycled Plastic Park Buddy Bench

    As low as £526.67 £438.89
  2. Early Years Outdoor Planter and Bench Combo

    Special Price £844.80 £704.00 Regular Price £992.00 £826.67
  3. Recycled Plastic Outdoor Bench Dale

    As low as £359.99 £299.99
  4. Pallet of Tree Stump Big Seats - Pack of 15

    Special Price £432.48 £360.40 Regular Price £444.32 £370.27
  5. Outdoor Recycled Plastic Childrens Playground Buddy Bench - Junior

    As low as £453.34 £377.78
  6. Recycled Plastic King Charles III Coronation Engraved Dale Bench

    As low as £371.68 £309.73
  7. Children's Playground Mini Buddy Bench

    As low as £279.34 £232.78
  8. Teachers Recycled Plastic Story Telling Chair

    As low as £491.81 £409.84
  9. Teacher's Outdoor Storyteller's Chair

    As low as £678.17 £565.14
  10. Iguana 2-3 Seater Children's Recycled Plastic School Playground Bench

    As low as £374.80 £312.33
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Items 1-12 of 91

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