Early Years Mirrors

Children can see the reflections of themselves and the world around them with a mirror from Costcutters UK, developing spatial awareness and curiosity. Each of our mirrors are shatterproof and safe for young children to use and explore.

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Sensory Soft Play Mirror Cube
Soft play mirror cube with deformable soft mirror Develops self awareness. Child can interac..
Inc vat: £62.99
Mirror Height Chart
Mirror Height Chart • Children can measure themselves whilst looking at their image in the m..
Inc vat: £66.66
Childrens Wall Mounted Fun Mirror
A solid wooden board inset with 5 circular mirrors. Helps children to develop self awareness and sel..
Inc vat: £74.23
Wall Mounted Convex/Concave Mirror Play Panel
The mirror panel is double sided, Concave and a Convex plastic safety mirrors enable ..
Inc vat: £77.99
Childrens Giant 9 Domed Convex Acrylic Mirror
These mirror panels are made from a scratch resistant acrylic, they are safe and ideal for any class..
Inc vat: £86.34
Childrens Giant Single Dome Convex Mirror Panel
This mirror can be placed either inside or outside and children will be drawn to the mirror for obse..
Inc vat: £86.34
Multy Activity Pentagonal Mirror
Soft play mirrored pentagon, transforms into a balance course, 5 pieces! Promotes self awarene..
Inc vat: £88.14
Childrens Giant Wooden Mirrored Blocks Set of 3
Each block is made from a long lasting, hard wearing rubber wood. They are perfect for reflection..
Inc vat: £95.94
Kids Nursery Mirror with Handrail
Handrail enables children to pull themselves up to look in mirror Mirror and handrail are manu..
Inc vat: £108.59
Millhouse Childrens Nursery Free Standing Mirror
 2 in one floor & full length mirror  Sturdy construction resists tipping  ..
Inc vat: £118.79
Children's Wall Mounted Unbreakable Mirror
• This versatile mirror can be used vertically for role play and horizontally for babies. • Th..
Inc vat: £137.95
Childrens Floor Standing Wavy Mirror
This floor standing Wavy Mirror is manufactured from beautiful, hard wearing rubber wood from sustai..
Inc vat: £146.39
T- Rex Childrens Wall Mirror
A big buddy to share your every moment, spruces up any wall The Friendly T-Rex Mirror from Childr..
Inc vat: £153.54
Flowers & Butterflies Mirror Set
Can be fixed to many different surfaces Made from resistant PET, all mirrors are shatter resistan..
Inc vat: £158.70
Indoor Shapes Wall Mirror
Create excitement as babies & toddlers study their reflection in these fun mirrors! This supe..
Inc vat: £166.56
Children's Triple Unbreakable Mirror
• This triple mirror has three clear methacrylate mirrors. • The two side mirrors can be turned for..
Inc vat: £173.99