Building Bricks & Blocks

Building blocks are a great way for kids to engage with their creative side whilst developing key cognative skills that will help them when they are older 




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Outdoor Wooden Play Blocks, Set 25
This Wooden Play Blocks, set of 25 from Cost Cutters UK is great for encouraging creative play whils..
Inc vat: £44.04
55 Piece Childrens Building Blocks
This set consists of 55 building blocks in an attractive wooden tray. The tray comes with 2 templ..
Inc vat: £65.94
Childrens Giant Wooden Coloured Blocks Set of 3
Each block is made from a long lasting, hard wearing rubber wood. They are perfect for reflection..
Inc vat: £95.94
Childrens Giant Wooden Mirrored Blocks Set of 3
Each block is made from a long lasting, hard wearing rubber wood. They are perfect for reflection..
Inc vat: £95.94
Weplay Blocks Tactile Cube
Anti-slip dots on each tile provides best safety either indoors or outside A set of 6 giant ti..
Inc vat: £102.18
Childrens Bamboo Building Blocks
These building blocks are created from real bamboo to make them more suitable for children, making t..
Inc vat: £107.94
EVA Nest & Stack Construction Boxes Set of 5
Made from high quality EVA without sharp edges A set of 5 construction boxes in 5 different co..
Inc vat: £119.94
Rainbow Wooden Childrens Building Blocks
Giant, visually stunning building bricks These fantastic blocks are made from beautiful rubb..
Inc vat: £119.99
Brick Me Building Blocks Set of 45
A large scale and lightweight interlocking plastic building blocks, the 45 piece set includes 30 lar..
Inc vat: £131.99
Pom Pom Hollow Building Blocks
Made from chunky hard wearing rubberwood These smooth, hollow blocks are made from chunky, hard w..
Inc vat: £132.29
Weplay Blocks Construction Tower
Encourages children's constructive abilities Encourages their visualspatial and observation aw..
Inc vat: £153.59
Octagon Creative Buliding Blocks Set of 12
Unique construction set suitable for school settings Blocks also suitable to construct ball po..
Inc vat: £154.50
Children's Wooden Building Blocks-Set of 92
A creative assortment of natural solid wooden blocks provides endless opportunities for children to ..
Inc vat: £157.80
Wooden Mirror Building Blocks-Set of 31
Wooden Mirror Building Blocks-Set of 31 A set of wooden blocks with double sided acrylic mirror c..
Inc vat: £158.39
Childrens Outdoor Play Tyres Set of 3
Stimulate children's minds and help their physical abilities and strength with this set of three col..
Inc vat: £160.07
City blocks complete set 1
Includes over 100 play pieces! A beautifully designed range of city blocks. The solid wood city b..
Inc vat: £167.94