Baby Moves Soft Play

The Baby Moves Visual Perception Gym Range is the perfect addition to any child care setting. Developing children need to practice their new found movement skills and get ready for the next stage of their development. Our Gym range will encourage small children to lie on their tummy, roll, crawl, climb, balance and slide in safety. All these big muscle movements help them to get ready for using the small muscles in their hands in preparation for writing. Movements where children move their right and left sides in opposition, called cross lateral movements, as they do in crawling, and ones which cross over the midline separating the right and left sides of the body, have been shown to be greatly beneficial to the developing brain. There will be plenty of opportunity to do these with the Gym. We are proud to announce that items from our Baby Moves range won a Bronze award in the 2013 Practical Pre-school Awards

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Baby Moves Perception Wall Panel
Attaches to the wall to create a permanent curiosity corner Babies lying on their tummy will be e..
Inc vat: £44.22
Baby Moves rocky road beam
Detailed activity sheet included Develop balance and co-ordination in navigating the beam, even s..
Inc vat: £55.52
Baby Moves Squidgy Roll - Large
Perfect for tummy time activities These Squidgy soft play rolls help Tummy Time, which is very im..
Inc vat: £55.52
Baby Moves perception looking glass
Designed to fit permanently onto the wall The perfect companion to the perception Panel in order ..
Inc vat: £63.28
Baby Moves Geometric Perception Cushion pack 4
Baby Moves Geometric Perception Cushion Bold black geometric shapes to hold children's gaze and deve..
Inc vat: £68.44
Baby Moves Visual Perception Mirror
Babies will have fun seeing their own reflection Babies and small children are fascinated by face..
Inc vat: £83.94
Baby Moves visual perception balance ball
A durable physio ball Develops balance as babies and toddlers need to adjust their bodies to keep..
Inc vat: £94.27
Baby Moves toddler tumble
A large obstacle to climb over! The Toddler Tumble creates a large obstacle which toddlers can't ..
Inc vat: £99.43
Baby Moves Rocky Road Balancer
Can be turned into a seat Lie on the Rockyroad Balancer and rock forwards and backwards to develo..
Inc vat: £107.18
Baby Moves Curiosity Sensory Play Corner
The perfect place to play, explore and engage with open-ended sensory play resources Contains Per..
Inc vat: £111.06
Children's Soft Play Foam Mattress -Chessboard
Children can enjoy play time with this unique soft, safe and fun indoor playground for young childre..
Inc vat: £119.17
Baby Moves Visual Perception Play Mat
Detailed activity sheet included ..
Inc vat: £122.68
Baby Moves Rocky Road Tunnel
Can be converted into a see-saw rocker A tunnel with integral soft flooring encourages crawling t..
Inc vat: £129.08
Baby Moves Black & White Visual Perception Soft Mat
Great for tummy time Printed white geometric shapes on a black background on soft polyester with ..
Inc vat: £193.72
Baby Moves Multi Purpose Sensory Mat
A multi-purpose mat for all your sensory activities Place the Visual Perception Playmat or Soft M..
Inc vat: £232.45
Baby Moves 3 Piece Soft Play Slide and Climb
The perfect obstacle course for toddlers Three complimentary pieces which Velcro together to crea..
Inc vat: £236.28