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Enhance the learning environment for young minds with CostCuttersUK's exceptional collection of Early Years Cushions and Bean Bags. Crafted with comfort and durability in mind, our products create inviting spaces that promote engagement and creativity. Explore a range designed to cater to various educational settings, including classrooms, play areas, and reading corners. From vibrant cushions to versatile bean bags, CostCuttersUK offers a diverse selection that combines quality, safety, and affordability. Elevate early years education with our comfortable and stimulating solutions, designed to support the growth and well-being of young learners.

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  1. Children's Snake Floor Cushion

    As low as £159.86 £133.22
  2. Daisy Chain Textured Cushion Set

    As low as £137.46 £114.55
  3. Mouse Bean Bags - Set of 4

    As low as £344.04 £286.70
  4. Sensory Touch Tag Support Cushion

    As low as £69.04 £57.53
  5. Mink Faux Fur Children's Bean Bag

    As low as £129.46 £107.88
  6. Early Years Classroom Flex Bean Bag Chair

    Special Price £107.62 £89.68 Regular Price £111.76 £93.13
  7. Early Years Classroom Flex Pear Bean Bag

    Special Price £86.96 £72.47 Regular Price £93.84 £78.20
  8. Early Years Classroom Penta Bean Bag

    As low as £107.78 £89.82
  9. Early Years Classroom Flex Giant Cushion

    As low as £81.22 £67.68
  10. Children's Sensory Touch Tags Chair

    As low as £112.76 £93.97
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28 Items

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