Nursery Room Dividers

Room dividers are an invaluable and versatile piece of furniture in any educational setting. They make getting the most out of your space easy. Use them to split a room into two focus areas or to portray stimulating images for young minds. Our playpens also allow you to create safe areas for children to play and explore.

Our great range is compiled from leading brands such as Spaceright and Profile Education and will cater for your every need, with many items available for free UK delivery. To speak to us in more detail about our range of available nursery and children's room dividers; get in touch by calling us on 03333 443370 today!

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Footbase for Kiddi train room divider panels
Add this footbase to the Kiddi train to make the panels more stable! ..
Inc vat: £27.74
Room Divider Panels Kiddi Train, Wall Post
Inc vat: £34.87
Free Standing Post for Kiddi Train Room Divider Panels
These free standing wall posts are designed to use with the kiddi train room dividers.They come comp..
Inc vat: £38.69
Tikk Tokk Nanny Playpen Extension Pack
For use with our Tikk Tokk Nanny Panel Playpen only An extension kit of 4 panels (mixed colours) ..
Inc vat: £41.34
Tik Tok Childs Safety Floor Play Mat
There are infinite expansion possibilities with this play mat which has smooth edges and is bri..
Inc vat: £50.17
Kindergarten Corner - Wall Tie
2 wall ties required to attach the panels wall to wall  This set of linking room dividers is..
Inc vat: £60.20
Childrens Picket Fence-Single
Ideal as a room divider or for creating a work or play area. Made from Pine &nb..
Inc vat: £68.99
Nursery Play Fence Room Divider Window Boxes
Nursery Play Fence Room Divider Window Boxes  Free UK mainland delivery on this product ..
Inc vat: £73.88
Junior Freestanding Partition Screens
Junior freestanding partitions are double sided & flame retardant ideal for schools Freestand..
Inc vat: £94.79
Large Horse Wall Play Panel
A beautiful wooden wall panel, ideal for early years exploratory spaces. The soft colours and layere..
Inc vat: £101.46
Tikk Tokk Nanny Panel Playpen
Can be used indoors or outdoors The patented snap together panels make assembly easy and fast.&nb..
Inc vat: £104.06
Kindergarten Corner - Wall Tie x2
Complete set of 2 wall ties required to attach the panels wall to wall  This set of linking ..
Inc vat: £110.66
Children's Picket Fence-Double
Ideal as a room divider or for creating a work or play area. Made from Pine &nb..
Inc vat: £117.16
Little Rainbows Junior Mobile Partitions
Junior mobile partition screen with 4 locking castors can be used as a mobile partition or as a mobi..
Inc vat: £111.59
Kindergarten Corner - maze
This set of linking room dividers is made from birch plywood. Each panel offers a different typ..
Inc vat: £117.25
Kindergarten Corner - Shapes
This set of linking room dividers is made from birch plywood. Each panel offers a different typ..
Inc vat: £117.25

By sourcing nursery room dividers from the top UK and European furniture manufacturers as the ones mentioned above, we guarantee you a durable option. Our high-quality room dividers can withstand frequent use and movement if that is your plan. You can enjoy the freedom of using the room dividers in any kind of environment that you want. We offer children's room dividers made of materials that are both practical and stylish. The vibrant colours provide the perfect setting to stimulate, encourage and enable the young learners to interact as they learn. Utilise our colourful room dividers to create settings that learners will enjoy. With the appropriate colours, you can raise the concentration levels of your nursery children.

Here at Cost Cutters UK, we understand this which is why we provide great colour choices. We take care to provide room dividers with appearances that are ideal for kids with their inquisitive minds. The designs of these room dividers are made to appeal to children across a broad spectrum of ages and abilities. Room dividers are very useful for any learning organisation. You can use our nursery room dividers to partition rooms into spaces you'd like to use for different activities. Cost Cutters UK fully understand this, which is why we offer affordable yet useful options for each type of classroom within your facility. 

Since we understand that schools can improvise settings to create learning environments, we offer versatile nursery room dividers that accommodate various settings. You’ll be able to create role play areas with our children's room dividers. You can do this both indoors and outdoors. For the past 25 years, Cost Cutters has been supplying high-quality room dividers to schools all over the country. We have gathered plenty of experience which makes us a leading furniture supplier in the UK.


You can visit our website, browse through our range of room dividers and choose one that you prefer to enjoy free quick delivery in the UK. There are many instances where we offer next-day delivery options. If you have any questions on this, then you can always talk to our team of personable client care experts. For each of our high-quality children's room dividers, we offer a very affordable price thanks to our partnerships with the top UK and European furniture manufacturers. You can also choose between economy, classic and premium price plans according to your budget and needs. If you're considering buying room dividers for the whole school, you can contact us for information on latest bulk buy discount deals.

Your organisation will be transformed once you utilise the room dividers by Cost Cutters UK. As a leading furniture supplier, we have made lots of clients very happy over the years. You can also enjoy our great services on top of the quality products we offer. Do not let anything stop you from creating a functional classroom setting of your choice. Order these ideal room dividers for any of your classroom activities. You can get in touch with us today on 03333 443370. If you're unable to make a call, you can email us or fill out the online enquiry form and we'll get back to you at a time you prefer.