Transform early learning spaces with CostcuttersUK's irresistible collection of Early Years Soft Seating Pouffes. Our carefully curated selection combines comfort, durability, and vibrant designs, creating inviting environments for young minds to thrive. Explore an array of pouffes tailored for early years settings, ranging from cosy individual seating to interactive and educational designs. Choose CostcuttersUK for premium quality, innovative solutions, and a commitment to enhancing the learning experience for the youngest members of your community. Elevate early years spaces with our versatile and engaging soft seating pouffes.

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  1. Bob and Weave Fabric Early Years Seating

    As low as £131.36 £109.47
  2. Story Circle

    As low as £177.04 £147.53
  3. Large Snuggle Seating Brights Pk5

    As low as £594.66 £495.55
  4. Forest Friends Classroom Pouffe

    As low as £133.51 £111.26
  5. Classroom Natural World Pouffe

    Special Price £68.40 £57.00 Regular Price £133.51 £111.26
  6. Classroom Natural World Double Seater Soft Sofa

    Special Price £132.00 £110.00 Regular Price £256.80 £214.00
  7. Acorn Bean Cube Classroom Seats- Set of 4

    As low as £173.28 £144.40
  8. Children's Smile Modular Vinyl Upholstered Round Stool

    As low as £159.46 £132.88
  9. Acorn Bean Pod Classroom Seats- Set of 6

    As low as £204.79 £170.66
  10. Back to Nature Classroom Pouf

    As low as £115.06 £95.88
  11. Acorn Primary Classroom Cube Foam Seats- Set of 6

    As low as £691.85 £576.54
  12. Early Years Flex Toddler Soft Table/ Stool

    As low as £94.36 £78.63
  13. Early Years Rainbow Toddler Cotton Table/ Stool

    As low as £96.23 £80.19
  14. Early Years Suede Pre-School Table/ Stool

    As low as £117.97 £98.31
  15. Quilted School Library Snuggle Seat

    As low as £652.48 £543.73
  16. Large Square Breakout Area Stool

    As low as £613.52 £511.27
  17. Breakout Seating - Quilted Rectangle Seat

    As low as £353.81 £294.84
  18. Breakout Small Ellipse Seat

    As low as £251.80 £209.83
  19. Children's Single Square Cube Seat

    As low as £223.96 £186.63
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Items 1-30 of 93

per page
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