Single Sided Bookcases

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What is a single sided bookcase?
An early years single sided bookcase is a piece of furniture designed specifically for education environments, particularly in early childhood education settings such as preschools, kindergartens, and day-care centres. This type of bookcase is tailored to the unique needs of young children and demands of an early years learning environment.

We have a wide range of single sided bookcases ranging from our Early Years Freestanding Antibacterial Classroom Bookcase Storage Unit which is perfect to add that little bit of extra storage to our Thrifity 6 Compartment Wooden Grey Front Facing Bookcase with Storage for those larger classrooms with more resources.

Here are some key features and aspects to know about an early years single sided bookcase:

Child friendly height- Early years bookcases are usually designed at a height that is accessible and safe for young children. This encourages them to browse and select books independently.

Single-sided design: The single sided aspect means that the bookcase is typically open on one side, allowing children to easily see and select books. This design promotes a sense of autonomy and encourages early years literacy skills.

Durable Construction- Early Years bookcases are built to withstand the wear and tear of active young children. They are often constructed from study and easy-to-clean materials to ensure durability.

Colourful and Engaging: Many early years bookcases are designed with vibrant colour and playful and child-friendly themes or patterns to engage and captivate young minds.

Safety Features: Safety is a top priority. These bookcases often have rounded edges and corners to prevent accidents, and they are made from non-toxic materials.

Spacious Shelves:  The shelves of these book cases are spacious, allowing for the storage of picture book, story books and other reading materials appropriate for early years learning.

Easy Organisation: Some early years bookcases include dividers or compartments to help educators access books. Its encourages children to take the initiative in choosing reading materials.

Learning Centre Focal Point: In educational settings, these bookcases often serve as focal points withing reading corners or early years learning centres, encouraging a love for books and reading.

Simulating Early Literacy: Early years bookcases are part of an environment intentionally designed to stimulate early literacy development, fostering a lifelong love for reading.

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  1. Bubblegum Single Sided Library Unit with 4 Tiered Shelves

    As low as £185.42 £154.52
  2. Classroom Wooden Open Bookcase with Adjustable Shelves

    As low as £168.66 £140.55
  3. Early Years Free Standing Antibacterial Classroom Bookcase Storage Unit

    Special Price £222.47 £185.39 Regular Price £235.19 £195.99
  4. Early Years Free Standing Antibacterial Deep Classroom Bookcase Storage Unit

    Special Price £247.56 £206.30 Regular Price £261.71 £218.09
  5. Cumbria Single Sided 1200 Library Bookcase

    Special Price £207.95 £173.29 Regular Price £247.56 £206.30
  6. Cumbria Single Sided 1500 Library Bookcase

    Special Price £224.22 £186.85 Regular Price £266.93 £222.44
  7. Mobile Tall Book Display

    As low as £470.40 £392.00
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