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Embark on an educational journey with CostCuttersUK's Early Years Discovery Dens, where learning meets play. Our carefully curated selection of products fosters creativity, imagination, and development in young minds. Explore a range of interactive and durable dens, designed to create engaging learning environments for early years education. Invest in quality, purposeful, and safe products that inspire growth and exploration. Choose CostCuttersUK for a transformative approach to early years discovery dens, enhancing the educational experience for children.

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  1. Classroom Wooden Reading Rafiki Arch

    Special Price £227.86 £189.88 Regular Price £237.35 £197.79
  2. Wooden Indoor Open Ended Stripey Cubbie

    Special Price £641.48 £534.57 Regular Price £668.22 £556.85
  3. Early Years Mini Rafiki Arch Reader

    Special Price £206.10 £171.75 Regular Price £214.68 £178.90
  4. Wooden Classroom Mini Rafiki Rambler

    Special Price £236.80 £197.33 Regular Price £246.67 £205.56
  5. Wooden Outdoor Early Years Pretend Play Home Corner Shelter

    Special Price £581.76 £484.80 Regular Price £606.00 £505.00
  6. Giant Wooden Outdoor Sand Pit Corner

    Special Price £1,132.80 £944.00 Regular Price £1,180.00 £983.33
  7. Camouflage Den Kit for Folding Den

    As low as £266.84 £222.37
  8. Rainbow Den Kit

    As low as £289.74 £241.45
  9. Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den

    As low as £402.64 £335.53
  10. Wooden Classroom Indoor Group Reading Space Arch Frame

    Special Price £304.76 £253.97 Regular Price £317.47 £264.56
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16 Items

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