Early Years Baby Evacuation Cot

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Early Years Evacuation Trolley and Cot

The Babyroom Evacuation Trolley allows up to six babies to be evacuated safely by two nursery professionals in a once only operation. The children can then be held in the clean dry and safe trolley whilst any emergencies are dealt with. The trolley has three compartments to seperate older children from very young babies allowing the smaller ones to lay down whilst preventing older children treading on them. 

A pocket is provided to store a registation book making the trolley the centre of your emergency evacuation procedure. When not in use, the trolley folds for easy storage.

The Evacuation Trolley has been developed in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Fire Service and researched with local authority inspectors and nursery practitioners. 

  • Capacity: 65kg
  • Dimensions: Height: 850mm, Length: 1350mm, Width: 540mm
  • Material: PVC & Tubular Steel
  • Washing Instruction: Wipe Clean
  • Brakes on both ends of the trolley
  • Steel frame 
  • large industrial castors for increased durability
  • REACH compliant
  • Phthalate free

Assemble & Usage

Remove all the loose packaging from the trolley and stand it up on it's wheels in a suitable space for opening out.

Release the velcro strap at the centre top of the trolley and while gripping it firmly, open it out. The evacuation trolley is now ready for use.


Holding the trolley in the top centre, pull the two horizontal bars together to close the top. This will bring the wheels together and past eachother into a stable folded upright position.

Folding up the base of the opposite side to the storage pocket. Bring the velco strap over the top of the trolley and secure on the velcro at the centre of the base.


The trolley is designed for children up to the age of 30 months and will accommodate six children
comfortably. Maximum load capacity is 65KG.

As conditions vary in each nursery you should carry out your own risk assessment to identify the
maximum number of children to be carried in the trolley and the number of staff required to effect
the evacuation safely. If an evacuation route is particularly difficult it may be necessary to reduce the
number of children carried.


The Evacuation Trolley and Cot can be stored in the folding position against a suitable wall. If the trolley is to be kept in an area accessable to children, we recommend that it is secured to the wall using velcro ties. These are included in the pack

To install the ties stand the folded trolley against the wall in the desired storage position. Place one
velcro tie around each end of the trolley frame at the top corners. Mark the wall in the positions
where the ties will be screwed onto the wall. Ensure that the ties can be easily accessed for
emergency release.

Remove the trolley and using appropriate wall fixings, screw each velcro tie to the wall using two
fixings. Ensure that the fixings are sufficient to hold the weight of the trolley if it is pulled over

Care and Cleaning

The fabric used is reinforced PVC which can be wiped clean using a damp cloth with a mild


We have a policy of recycling packaging to protect the environment. This should not affect the
condition in which you receive your product.


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