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Double Sided Maxi Sturdy Lunchbox Trolley
UK made, steel framed, double sided lunchbox trolley which will hold up to 42 standard lunchbox..
Ex Tax: £157.99
Folding Lunch Box Trolley
A wire mesh lunchbox trolley that is hinged in the middle allowing the trolley to be closed and secu..
Ex Tax: £169.07
Maxi Wellie Storage Trolley
Our double sided solid fully welded steel trolley is ideal for storing wellies and shoes. FREE..
Ex Tax: £169.99
Metal Art Equipment Trolley
Perfect for storing all your art equipment, musical instruments or bits and pieces! Capable of ho..
Ex Tax: £199.82
Mobile Wellie Storage Trolley
This robust metal trolley with large castors is designed to store wellies, outdoor clothing or other..
Ex Tax: £204.95
Music Equipment Storage Trolley
Musical Instrument Trolley A versatile mobile storage trolley, ideal for storing musica..
Ex Tax: £153.33
Music Instrument Storage Trolley
Musical Instrument Trolley with wire trays A mobile sturdy storage trolley. 4x swivel casto..
Ex Tax: £143.45
Primary Sports Storage Trolley
Primary Sports Trolley The sports trolley is ideal for storing and transporting all types of prim..
Ex Tax: £204.95
Sand & Water  Equipment Trolley
Perfect for storing all your Sand & Water equipment & bits and pieces! Designed to store ..
Ex Tax: £174.20
School Magnetic Whiteboard Board & Storage Trolley
Magnetic board & storage trolley provides a focal point for storytelling with large books Pro..
Ex Tax: £153.70
Sturdy 4 Wheel Lunch Box Trolley
UK made, steel framed sturdy fully welded steel frame lunchbox trolley - ideal for heavy duty use. C..
Ex Tax: £107.83
Compact Wellie Trolley
A sturdy and compact mobile double sided trolley that will hold 36 pairs of wellies of all sizes. Th..
Ex Tax: £158.82
Wall Mounted Wellie Rack
This simple solution to wellie storage in your school or nursery will hold 18 pairs of wellies in an..
Ex Tax: £77.85
Wire Sports Equipment Dump Bin
Large capacity (96 litres), small floor area, good visibility and packs flat for transport or storag..
Ex Tax: £36.89