Sneeze Screens & Office Protective Screens

Protecting employees and the wider community are now essential factors to consider within the workplace following the Covid-19 pandemic. With government guidelines in place, employers must now begin to prepare the working environments for employees as well as their customers to ensure that the safety of the entire nation is carefully monitored.

To help with this transition back into a functioning economy and ensuring safe environments for people to work in and enjoy socially, we have an ever-growing collection of infection control screens, which are suitable for use in a wide range of settings including, doctors surgeries, cafes, bars, beauticians, factories, offices, medical centres, education settings, retail settings and many more.

More commonly known as sneeze screens, the infection control screens that we supply are easy to clean, easy to erect and are specifically designed to help reduce the spread of infection within communal areas.

As one of the largest online screen guard UK suppliers, our sneeze screens for office use can be easily fixed onto existing furniture or alternatively sneeze screens for desks can be stand alone.

For more information on how these sneeze screens can be affixed to your existing furniture or for information on any of our other sneeze screens for shops or schools, them please get in touch with our friendly and helpful sales team who are happy to recommend the best product for your setting. Alternatively, chat with one of our advisors online to discuss your requirements.

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Protection Screens for Offices and Educational Institutions

Protection screens also known as protective screens have become an increasingly essential addition to most offices, working spaces and educational institutions.

Protecting your staff or students is vital to ensuring a safe environment that meets the criteria set by the government for “safe working” during the recent pandemic.

Protection screens are an effective way of allowing office working that reduces the spread of virus particles. These screens are transparent and made specially to fit your office or educational institution and most importantly protect your staff, yourself and your students. Cost Cutters UK provide a fantastic range of protection screens and protective screens, so you can be sure to find the right protection needed for your working environment.


Why do I need a protection screens for my office?

It is best to have a protection screen fitted in your office working environment to reduce the spread of airborne virus as a protective screen help to stop the spread of particles coming into human contact through the nose or mouth.


Do Cost Cutters UK Provide a Range of Protection Screens?

Yes, Cost Cutters UK provide a wide range of protective screens, in all shapes and size and work with you to ensure you order the correct measurements for your office, with free spatial planning.



Do you provide a free initial consultation for Sneeze Screens & Protection Screens?

Yes, if you want more information or want to enquire regarding purchasing sneeze screens or protective office screens from Cost Cutters UK, one of our office furniture expert consultants are happy to have a chat with you.