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With over 25 years experience in furnishing and refurbishing schools we are in a postition to be able to offer a huge range, advice and assistance when choosing new tables for your setting .No school would be complete without sturdy surfaces on which students can carry out their all-important tasks.  Our furniture is available in - economy, classic and premium, offering you choices to suit your budget and requirements.  We also offer desks to cater for specific needs and environments such as exam desks, coloured, lightweight folding tables and height adjustable tables. Our dining tables and school dining furniture is preferred by schools due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal and high design and build quality.  Realising that not all children are the same shape or size we will help you match the correct chair size to the correct height of the table and have included a guide on this page to start the process  We also offer BULK BUY DISCOUNTS - call us on 03333 443370 for our latest prices!

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