Childrens Leg Stretch

The child's leg stretcher is not as tall as the adult version and allows for shorter legs to reach.  Perfect for stretching the calf and thigh muscles and increasing mobility in the hips.  This piece of equipment is also ideal to use as a handrail when performing gentle squats.

  • 811mmW x 932mmL x 1135mmH
  • Supplied in Anthractire Grey and Green
  • Designed as a warm up piece of equipment to stretch the core leg muscles prior to the start of a workout
  • Ideal for social interaction
  • 1-3 children can exercise on the leg stretch at the same time

To arrange installation or request a site visit please call our sales team on 0333 3443370 for further assistance.

Code: WD-1020CHG

£423.49 exc vat
£508.19 inc vat
Childrens Leg Stretch
Childrens Leg Stretch Childrens Leg Stretch Childrens Leg Stretch
7-10 days 10 year guarantee
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