Library Book Spinner

A spinner designed to hold different size books, range of colours, sizes, holds 125 paperbacks!

This books spinner is great for use in classrooms, schools and libraries to store away all of your books, videos, DVD's and keep everything organised.

  • Available in red, yellow, green, blue, white, beech, oak or grey
  • You can try a combination of different tower and base colours (please select other and state when you checkout your chosen colours)
  • Holds 125 paperbacks or upto 60 videos
  • H1350 x L400 x D400mm
  • Bases is available in different sizes it can be made lower or higher call us on 03333 443370  for more details
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee
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Code: CBS1

From £252.91 exc vat
£From £303.49 inc vat
Library Book Spinner
Library Book Spinner
2-4 weeks 5 year guarantee 1
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