Lunchbox Storage Trolleys

Lunchboxes often take up more space than expected, and like anything else in a classroom or cloakroom, having them lying around out in the open is not ideal. Whether it’s the risk of damage to the item, or to the children and/or staff who could trip over them, it’s useful to find a solution that can fit with your classroom design scheme while offering a functional and organised solution to your lunchbox storage needs.

Here at Cost Cutters UK, we have a simple solution - a great range of Storage Trolleys to store your lunch boxes. Our range of trolleys is also ideal for general Classroom Storage, making them a versatile product to have in your school! Feel free to call our team on 03333 443370 to see what savings you could make. We can offer FREE expert advice to anyone planning to refurb their classroom with storage solutions.

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Maxi Wellie Storage Trolley
Our double sided solid fully welded steel trolley is ideal for storing wellies and shoes. FREE..
Inc vat: £203.99
Mesh 42 Lunchbox Trolley
This Mesh 42 Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole class! ..
Inc vat: £230.39
Compact Lunchbox Trolley
This Compact Lunchbox Trolley is lightweight and compact. Fitted with large, robust brake..
Inc vat: £249.59
Aqua Smart 30 Lunch Box Trolley
This Aqua Smart 30 Box Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole class! ..
Inc vat: £255.59
Small Double Sided 40 Lunchbox Trolley
This Small Double Sided 40 Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the wh..
Inc vat: £259.19
School Aluminium 20 Lunch Box Trolley
This 20 Box Aluminium Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole c..
Inc vat: £275.99
Stair Climber Lunchbox Trolley
This Stair Climber Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole clas..
Inc vat: £297.59
Double Sided 30 Lunchbox Trolley
This Double Sided 30 Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole cl..
Inc vat: £299.99
Aqua Smart 60 Lunch Box Trolley
This Aqua Smart 60 Box Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for two classes! Water..
Inc vat: £302.39
Tuf2™ Single Lunchbox Trolley
Tuf2 lunchbox trolleys are a premium heavy duty and robust range designed for longevity and to ..
Inc vat: £305.94
Callero Plus Lunchbox Trolley
The Callero Plus clockroom trolley is a stylish and robust addition to the Callero range and feature..
Inc vat: £306.20
Tuf™ Double Lunchbox Trolley
Tuf Trolleys are strong, robust, steel frame trolleys designed for longevity and to manage the daily..
Inc vat: £307.07
School Multi-Purpose Lunchbox and Cloakroom Trolley
This Multi-Purpose Lunchbox and Cloakroom Trolley is perfect for Cloakrooms, Classrooms and Din..
Inc vat: £309.59
School Aluminium 30 Lunch Box Trolley
This 3 Box Aluminium Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole cl..
Inc vat: £313.19
Double 60 Lunchbox Trolley
This Double 60 Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for two classes! ..
Inc vat: £316.79
Slim 30 Lunchbox Trolley
This Slim 30 Lunchbox Trolley is large enough to store lunchboxes for the whole class! ..
Inc vat: £323.99

Having spent the last 25 years stocking and selling superior quality school furniture and other educational supplies in the UK, we possess the experience to get you the ideal lunchbox storage solutions. Our online store has a collection of these lunchbox storage trolleys. All of these are designed to offer flexibility and convenience in their use. You can move them easily as you wish, depending on the nature of your classroom. The style of the trolleys is also favourable for use by school children. These units are not bulky and even young children can move them easily. Take a look at the various designs we have and you can see also how easy it is for any learner to use the lunchbox storage trolleys.

Besides the danger posed by the lunchboxes lying about in a classroom, you can imagine what happens when these lunchboxes are on the floor. They can get tripped over, kicked and they easily collect dust while on the floor. Even if children wash their hands while eating, they will still hold dirty lunchboxes from the floor, which can make them sick. Utilising lunchbox storage trolleys from a leading school supplier in the UK eliminates these dangers. Your young learners can enjoy their lunch in clean lunchboxes. Make use of our lunchbox storage trolleys in your classroom.

Since we source these lunchbox storage trolleys from some of the top UK and European manufacturers, you can rest assured you're getting a quality product. The material of these trolleys is durable enough to withstand every school day usage by the pupils. The storage trolleys are also well made to hold the weight of the lunchboxes. To blend well with the various classroom environments, we have these lunchbox storage trolleys in a range of colours.

Most of these are quite vibrant and will raise the concentration levels of the pupils. The children will enjoy using these storage trolleys because of their colours, as well as ease of use. Having an organised classroom is very important. With the lunchbox storage trolleys, the children in your school learn about keeping everything in order. This is vital, as it fosters in these children how they should keep their environments.

By storing lunchboxes with other pupils, these children also learn about interaction and sharing. We understand the various equipment needs you may have, as well as needing to fit a certain budget, so we offer our lunchbox storage trolleys at very competitive prices. If you still find this a stretch, you can buy through our various payment plans. Pick between economy, classic or premium price arrangements; order today and you’ll have your trolley/s in no time.

Do you want to furnish every classroom in your school with lunchbox storage trolleys? Cost Cutters, a leading option for educational supplies in the UK has ideal bulk buy options. We also have an excellent delivery service. We deliver ordered furniture in record time, so contact us to find if we can offer next-day delivery to your educational institution. Be among the many who are enjoying the benefits of our lunchbox storage trolleys across the UK.