Indoor Chairs

Elevate your cafe ambiance and comfort with CostCutterUK's exceptional range of indoor cafe chairs. Our collection combines style, durability and affordability to enhance your customers' dining experience. From modern designs to classic aesthetics, our indoor cafe chairs cater to various themes and preferences, ensuring that your establishment exudes a welcoming atmosphere.

We understand the demand of busy cafes, which is why indoor chairs are built to withstand the rigor of daily use. Made from high quality materials, these chairs are designed for longevity, offering a smart investment that stands the test of time.

From sleek to contemporary to timeless and rustic, our indoor cafe chair collection offers a diverse array of designs to match your cafe's unique aesthetic. Whether you're going for a minimalist vibe or cosy ambiance, you'll find the perfect chairs to complement your interior decor.

At CostCuttersUK, we believe that quality furniture shouldn't break the bank. Our indoor cafe chairs offers exceptional value without compromising on style or durability, making them a cost-effective choice for cafe of all sizes.

We take pride in delivering indoor cafe chairs that blend aesthetic appeal, comfort, and durability. Elevate your cafe's seating experience and make a lasting impression on our customers. Browse our collection today and embark on a journey to transform your cafe into a stylish and inviting dining destination.

Not sure what style of chair you would like. Here are the different styles we sell to help make your decision:

  1. Wood- Wooden indoor cafe chairs exude a classic and timeless charm. They come in various fnishes and styles, from traditional to modern, providing an array of options to match your cafe interior.
  2. Metal- Metal indoor cafe chairs are know for their sleek design and contemporary look. They are often light wieght and durable, making them suitable for high traffic environments like cafes.
  3. Plastic- Plastic cafe chairs offer versatility and practicality. They are easy to clean. come in various colours and are often stackable for space-saving convenience.
  4. Fabric- Fabric indoor cafe chairs offer a delighful blend of comfort and elegance. These chairs typically feature cushioned seats and backs, enveloped in a variety of fabric options. 
  5. Leather-  Our leather indoor cafe chairs are meticulously designed to provide patrons with unparalleled comfort. Sink into the sumptuous embrace of leather upholstery while enjoying meals or conversations, creating an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.
  6. Faux Leather- Faux leather indoor cafe chairs provide both comfort and elegance. They typically feature cushioned seats and backs, covered in high quality faux leather material. This offers a luxurious and inviting seating and experience, all while being a more sustainable. The faux leather adds a touch of sophistication to your cafe ambiance, making it an excellent choice for establishments seeking a stylish yet ethical seating solution.
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  1. Strike High Density Plastic Stacking Chair

    Special Price £47.99 £39.99 Regular Price £90.00 £75.00
  2. Denver Polypropylene Cafe Bistro Chair

    Special Price £35.99 £29.99 Regular Price £84.00 £70.00
  3. Boston Plastic Cafe Bistro Chair

    Special Price £47.99 £39.99 Regular Price £69.60 £58.00
  4. Maestro High Density Stacking Chair

    As low as £100.19 £83.49
  5. Barbican Cafe Bistro Lounge Chair

    As low as £101.70 £84.75
  6. Barbican Cafe Bistro Armchair

    As low as £91.90 £76.58
  7. Barbican Cafe Bistro High Stool

    As low as £100.18 £83.48
  8. Helen Restaurant Bistro Side Chair

    Special Price £81.04 £67.53 Regular Price £99.05 £82.54
  9. Everly Multi-purpose Recycled Plastic Chair (Pack of 2)

    As low as £164.34 £136.95
  10. Victor Polypropylene Cafe Bistro Chair

    As low as £81.60 £68.00
  11. Cross Polypropylene Cafe Bistro Chair

    Special Price £81.04 £67.53 Regular Price £99.05 £82.54
  12. Verve Multi-Purpose Chair with Chrome 4 Leg Frame

    As low as £135.50 £112.92
  13. Shoreditch Polypropylene Chair E Frame

    As low as £76.13 £63.44
  14. Shoreditch Polypropylene Chair F Frame

    As low as £71.36 £59.47
  15. Shoreditch Polypropylene Chair K Frame

    As low as £72.96 £60.80
  16. Shoreditch Polypropylene Chair M Frame

    As low as £84.94 £70.78
  17. Shoreditch Polypropylene Chair R Frame

    As low as £85.66 £71.38
  18. Boom Polypropylene Cafe Bistro Chair

    As low as £70.76 £58.97
  19. Vivo Polypropylene Cafe Bistro Side Chair

    As low as £72.31 £60.26
  20. Vivo Polypropylene Cafe Bistro Arm Chair

    As low as £76.92 £64.10
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