Canteen Chairs

Canteen Chairs During the working day, employees will often use their break times to dine or relax in their company canteen. The furniture, such as the canteen chairs, that you select for these areas should be attractive, comfortable and functional. 

At Cost Cutters UK, we have a wide range of canteen chairs for workplaces and educational settings of all varieties. From lightweight, stacking, plastic canteen chairs which can be easily manoeuvred and cleaned to bespoke upholstered chairs in corporate or school colours and styles. Having a vast selection of suitable settings, our canteen chairs are available in seat heights for early years starting at 460mm through to adult sizes at 495mm.

Choose a stylish canteen chair to match your interior or opt for a budget friendly and functional alternative. Our selection of chairs has been purposefully selected for canteen environments with a high turnover of users, comfort, ergonomics and practicality in mind. Plastic canteen chairs are a perfect choice if durability and ease of cleaning after breakfast, lunch and dinner servings are your main priority. Our plastic canteen chairs, which can be easily wiped clean, come in a range of styles including stacking options suitable for canteens and breakout areas with limited storage space and non-stacking options which are robust in areas where canteen furniture doesn’t need to be packed away.

For helpful advice when creating a relaxing and practical canteen for your staff to enjoy and meal attendants to work within, contact our expert sales team who are on hand to conduct free site visits, recommend furnishings to suit your requirements and fulfil your vision. From plastic canteen chairs to bespoke fixed seating designed around your company’s corporate identity, we have it all. Concept to completion, we are by your side.

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