Building Blocks

Building blocks help to stimulate a young childs mind by making them have to engage hands on with the product. By doing this it helps them develop fine motor skills and their understanding of movement and structures. 

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Storage Basket for Hollow Wooden Building Blocks Set of  26
These blocks are made from beautiful hardwearing, sustainable rubber wood. They are light enough ..
Inc vat: £82.28
Childrens Giant Wooden Coloured Blocks Set of 3
Each block is made from a long lasting, hard wearing rubber wood. They are perfect for reflection..
Inc vat: £101.29
Weplay Blocks Tactile Cube
Anti-slip dots on each tile provides best safety either indoors or outside A set of 6 giant ti..
Inc vat: £112.90
EVA Nest & Stack Construction Boxes Set of 5
Made from high quality EVA without sharp edges A set of 5 construction boxes in 5 different co..
Inc vat: £125.40
Rainbow Wooden Childrens Building Blocks
Giant, visually stunning building bricks These fantastic blocks are made from beautiful rubb..
Inc vat: £134.63
Pom Pom Hollow Building Blocks
Made from chunky hard wearing rubberwood These smooth, hollow blocks are made from chunky, hard w..
Inc vat: £139.67
Brick Me Building Blocks Set of 45
A large scale and lightweight interlocking plastic building blocks, the 45 piece set includes 30 lar..
Inc vat: £150.54
Octagon Creative Buliding Blocks Set of 12
Unique construction set suitable for school settings Blocks also suitable to construct ball po..
Inc vat: £158.02
Weplay Building Blocks Construction Tower
Encourages children's constructive abilities Encourages their visualspatial and observation aw..
Inc vat: £160.57
Wooden Mirror Building Blocks-Set of 31
Wooden Mirror Building Blocks-Set of 31 A set of wooden blocks with double sided acrylic mirror c..
Inc vat: £165.60
Childrens Outdoor Play Tyres Set of 3
Stimulate children's minds and help their physical abilities and strength with this set of three col..
Inc vat: £179.34
Weplay Building Blocks Reflector Cube
Mirrors are made from safe and durable high quality mold-in mirrors 6 giant tiles which incorp..
Inc vat: £188.17
Brico Childrens Wooden Building Blocks
Use these blocks to create countless and varied structures Brico blocks are manufactured from 18m..
Inc vat: £193.72
Brico Childrens Wooden Building Blocks Set of 30
Brico hollow nursery blocks are manufactured from 10mm beech plywood and are finished in a high qual..
Inc vat: £193.72
Softwood Childrens Building Blocks Set of 56
Softwood childrens building blocks stimulates creativity and imagination. Light ,soft and durable..
Inc vat: £213.26
Mini Wooden Hollow Blocks-Set Of 48
Design and build imaginative structures with these high quality mini wooden hollow blocks. These blo..
Inc vat: £215.99