Bugs alive insect tower

An interactive multi functional insect study centre

At the top the solar lights automatically illuminates at night to attract night flying insects to night attic. The night attic contains a removable feeding bowl which can be used to feed moth mix or fruit or Wildlife World Butterfly attractant to your visitors. The attic also contains a washable sliding floor to ensure cleanliness of the feeding area. The VUtube room is a dark room with plexiglass tubes which can be withdrawn to study bee cell development, earwigs or other insects which venture into this space. The Ladybird Lounge is sliding study drawer should be filled with short straw or dry bark to allow over-wintering of may different beneficial insects. It can also be used with Lacewing and Ladybird Attractant to encourage occupation. The butterfly and insect feeding terrace is half way down the tower. This features a washable landing zone with removable feed cups suitable for use with sugar solution or Butterfly Food and Attractant which contains fruit sugars and vitamins. Under the butterfly terrace is the insect bed chamber containing a stackable timber cassette ideal for over-wintering insects, chrysalis and cocoons. The cassette drawer may be pulled out to allow close up study. At the very bottom of the Bugs Alive Tower is the Litter Critter Zone. The drawer is designed to be filled with soil, leaf litter and wood debris. It can be left partially open to allow rain to keep the zone damp. To aid learning the Bugs Alive Tower comes with a Solitary Bee Lesson to enable teaching of the importance of pollinating insects.

  • Size: H695 x W300 x D210mm

£247.53 exc vat
£297.04 inc vat
Bugs alive insect tower
Bugs alive insect tower Bugs alive insect tower
2-3 weeks 1 year guarantee
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