With over 70 years’ experience Metalliform Holdings Ltd is a renowned and long-established UK manufacturer of furniture within the education and office sector. Metalliform is dedicated to maintaining product quality and to offer the widest range of European Standard compliant furniture. All of their products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. The key elements within all of their products are comfort, durability, safety and ease of maintenance. Cost Cutters UK stock a range of Matalliform ST classroom chairs, height adjusting tables, skid base stools, tilt top tables, bench sets and exam desks to name a few!

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  1. Express Stacking Rectangle School Table

    Special Price £87.59 £72.99 Regular Price £87.77 £73.14
  2. Rectangle Classroom Tables With Trays

    As low as £121.84 £101.53
  3. Express Rectangle Classroom Tables - Fully Welded

    Special Price £87.59 £72.99 Regular Price £87.77 £73.14
  4. Metalliform Chair 2000 Classroom Chair

    As low as £36.64 £30.53
  5. Metalliform ST Classroom Chairs

    As low as £29.29 £24.41
  6. Metalliform WSM Lipped School Lab Stool

    As low as £47.94 £39.95
  7. Crushed Bent School Lab Tables with MDF Edge

    As low as £187.58 £156.32
  8. Metalliform NP Classroom Chair

    As low as £25.07 £20.89
  9. Rectangular Tilt Top Table - MDF Edge

    As low as £308.88 £257.40
  10. Fully Welded Teachers Desk, MDF Edge

    As low as £396.64 £330.53
  11. Express Square School Table

  12. Circular Tilt Top Dining Table with MDF edge

    As low as £333.53 £277.94
  13. Circular Tilt Top Dining Table with Duraform Edge

    As low as £342.65 £285.54
  14. Metalliform WSM Lipped Skid Base School Lab Stool

    As low as £55.45 £46.21
  15. Metalliform ST Classroom Chair With Seat Pad

    As low as £62.94 £52.45