Hille first established in 1906, has a firm focus on the quality and design of its furniture, employing skilled craftsmen and esteemed designers such as Robin Day. Hille’s focus on affordable quality and innovative design can be seen within their current product ranges. The new SE ergonomic chair is the result of a collaboration of designers and the posture theory behind the chair is based on two years of research to ensure that it offers the perfect postural support to aid comfort and concentration. Continued product developments include the new Pepperpot stool with further developments in progress. Hille continues to manufacture the original designs as well as re-introducing some of the old traditional ones. Cost Cutters UK stock the Hille affinity classroom chair, E series classroom chair, eco polypropylene seating, SE curve high stool and the remploy GH20 classic classroom chair to name a few!

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  1. Remploy MX70 Seat Pad Chair

    As low as £60.00 £50.00
  2. Remploy GH29 Classic IT Swivel Chair

    As low as £94.79 £78.99
  3. Hille Round Top Budget Lab Stool

    As low as £24.82 £20.68
  4. Remploy MX70 Heavy Duty Stacking Classroom Chair

    As low as £39.13 £32.61
  5. Remploy GH20 Skid Base Classic Classroom Chair

    As low as £39.78 £33.15
  6. Hille E Series Chair & Writing Tablet - 430mm

    As low as £70.62 £58.85
  7. Remploy MX Classic School Lab Stool with Backrest

    As low as £48.48 £40.40
  8. Hille Polypropylene Flat Top Stool

    As low as £33.95 £28.29
  9. Hille SE School Lab Stool without Back

    As low as £47.21 £39.34
  10. Hille SE Curve Chair Polished Wood Seat

    As low as £60.17 £50.14
  11. Hille Pepperpot Classroom Chairs

    As low as £28.70 £23.92
  12. Hille Eco Polypropylene Stacking Chair

    As low as £20.34 £16.95
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Items 1-12 of 36

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