This is a question that particularly Early Years providers have to think about. There is the pressure from Parents to teach children as well as protect and safeguard them.

From as early as 2 years, children can have an understanding of people and their environment. This is when the computer can start to be used for their advantage and they can play some games and access content that is aimed at helping them develop motor and language skills.

We are noticing an increase in demand for Early Years Computer stations like the First Computer Station.  They are suitable for children aged 2-7. The flexibility and solidity of this product makes it ideal for schools and nurseries.

According to the Engaging Early Years Foundation Stage children in computer-based play handbook, Children need a variety of applications that encourage a range of development including creativity, self-expression and language.

It is vital to have a monitored use and appropriate site blocking. Does your Nursery or School have the right software set up? Here is a useful check list that can be used at home and in schools. Keep in t ouch with parents and how they use the internet at home. If you have any concerns here is a useful handout you can print off. For older Children it is important to talk to them about the dangers of the internet and how to use it in an acceptable manner.

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